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What participants are saying about the Circle of Security Parenting program:

Circle of Security Parenting has definitely had a positive impact on the way I interact with my child. After taking this course, I feel empowered to be "Bigger, Stronger, Wiser & Kind" when my child needs me to be, without feeling guilty. I have learned to respond to my child's needs rather than react, which lessens the load off her and allows her to be a child. 

I highly recommend this program to parents, grandparents, teachers, or anyone who interacts with children. It will change your life; I know it changed mine!

- Maria, Focus Group participant

This program is an excellent approach to discovering the balance between the needs of our children, and our needs as a parent. This approach allowed me to realize my children's need to explore their world, and what they need from me when they come back in for support. As a professional and more importantly as a parent, there is comfort in knowing that my children just need me to be a "good enough" parent. The beauty of this approach is that it  can be effective for any parent and any unique situation with their children.

- David, Focus Group participant

The Circle of Security Parenting program has taught me lifelong valuable lessons about being a parent that will assist me through my entire parenting journey. As the program progressed, it was easy to see that parenting is simply a difficult task that no one is prepared to do. It gives you the permission to try each day, knowing that all you have to do is be "good enough" because that's what your children need.  This morning my son had yet another meltdown, this time about a toy. He walked over to me and asked, "Can you help me calm down?". And suddenly I felt the tremendous value of this program come alive in just 8 weeks, I seem to have been his "hands" enough for him to know exactly what he needed in this moment and ask for it. The beauty of the program is that it lays the foundation of wisdom to know it won't always be like that and your child won't always know what they need. What can be possible is for you to develop the confidence to help them figure it out and to be the safe space you were always meant to be. Circle of Security came at the exact moment I needed it, and helped me make sense of my own overwhelm so that I can be a "good enough" mama to my babies who have such different needs, given their different ages. It was a blessing to participate in this program!

-Susana, Focus Group participant


I recently attended the Circle of Security Parenting course offered by Sarah & Kelly. I don't have any children of my own, but as a clinician I work with many parents and couples who often bring parenting struggles into session. I attended in hopes of gaining more knowledge to assist clients with their parenting concerns.  I gained that knowledge and so much more! The facilitators are experienced clinicians, and their expertise in infant-toddler mental health was evident through added insights and their ability to hold space for participants to process and share information. As parents themselves, they were very willing to share their own parenting struggles and triumphs with participants. What was an added surprise and bonus for me was understanding how the attachment and nurturing from my parents impact my current relationships. I highly recommend this course!

- Lori, Focus Group participant

Image by Toby Elliott
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